Bishop Lucey Park

Bishop Lucey Park

Santa’s Cork Workshop

Dowtcha Puppets present Santa’s Cork Workshop where visitors can see the preparations for the big day first-hand. Children will truly feel the GLOW of Christmas as they wander on a magical journey through this lit-up park experience.

The elves are busy sorting, testing and wrapping the presents, the sleigh is up on blocks getting ready for the big trip, and the reindeers are in the back field having some final training.

The sacks of presents are being lined up, the children are posting their letters and you can catch a glimpse of Santa waving down from his balcony.

Dowtcha Puppets are bringing puppets and performers to the people this year, and visitors – both young and young heart – will have magical meetings with hard working (and some times confused) elves as they try to get presents FOR EVERYBODY ready in time!

Come along to collect your precious family memories.

Featuring ten superbly costumed performers, six elf puppets, two reindeer puppets and a giant Santa, all set to fantastic original Christmas-themed traditional music commissioned by Edel O’Sullivan.

Visit Santa’s Cork Workshop from 4:30pm to 8:30pm on the following dates in 2017:

  • Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December
  • Friday 8th to Sunday 10th December
  • Friday 15th to Sunday 17th December
  • Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd  December


Telephone: 021-492 4344

Cork City Council,
City Hall, Cork