Bishop Lucey Park

Bishop Lucey Park

No trip to GLOW is complete without a visit to Bishop Lucey Park, and this year is no exception as the park is magically transformed into the National Elf Test (NET). 

Did you know that elves must pass the National Elf Test (NET) so they can be part of the Christmas team?

This year, Santa is bringing the NET to Cork and has asked Dowtcha Puppets to build the National Elf Test Centre in Bishop Lucey Park. All the elves are in training to make sure they get their certificate to prove the are ready for the hustle and bustle of Christmas 2019.

On entering the gate to Bishop Lucey Park from Grand Parade children and their families will be greet by the elf puppet receptionist who will direct people into the park to see some of the challenges and tests that all elves must go through to make sure they are Christmas ready and will be chosen by Santa for the big jobs especially on Christmas eve!

You will see the elves tested on their Tree Decorating techniques, Christmas cookie bake off and of course how to tell Naughty from Nice . These tests make sure the elves are nimble and quick, ready for all eventualities making sure this year’s Christmas is the best one ever.

Our elves also need to physically ready for Christmas too. Children and families will see our elves working out in the Elf and Fitness gym, practicing their Stealf Christmas present delivery and working as fast as they can to make sure all the presents are in the right sacks!

Phew – no-one said it was easy being a Christmas elf but it’s every elf’s dream to work closely with the Big Man every year!

Finally, our elves need to make sure that Santa can get presents to all the children of Cork on time this Christmas eve. Working hard, they make sure Santa’s sleigh is clean, checked and ready to go. They must also make sure they know Cork so that Santa goes to the right home and to the right child by planning Santa’s route.

All this hard work pays off every year with Santa successfully delivery gifts to all the children of Cork.


While walking through Bishop Lucey Park, children and their families will also see the Elf Puppet Choir, making sure all our elves know their Christmas carols. See the Elf Hall of Fame that includes Billie Elfish and Elfvis to name a few and of course see the elves receive their certificate to prove they are Christmas ready for 2019!

This exciting, fun filled National Elf Test will entertain all ages and don’t forget to bring your letter for Santa to post into the post boxes throughout the park.

Opening Hours – Park Installation & Market:

  • Opening hours of the Market: 12noon to 8.30pm each day
  • Opening hours of the Park: 4.30 pm to 8.30pm each day


Telephone: 021-492 4344

Cork City Council,
City Hall, Cork